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Storage for Big Data and Analytics Challenges

Big Data and analytics workloads represent a new frontier for organizations. Data is being collected from sources that did not exist 10 years ago. Mobile phone data, machine-generated data, and web site interaction data are all being collected and analyzed. In addition, as IT budgets are already being pressured down, Big Data footprints are getting larger and posing a huge storage challenge.

Storing the Future

* Delivers extremely high performance

* Provides unmatched reliability 99.99999%

* Simplifies the most complex storage operations

* Scales to multiple petabytes

* Delivers truly unified storage

* Connects and integrates with application ecosystem









Big Data

Data has Become the Lifeblood of Business

Infinidat for VMware Whitepaper

Storage capacity isn't getting smaller and performance needs keep growing.

Contact us to discuss in more detail why Infinidat needs to be your storage for the future. We can be reached at 815-634-3197 or email us at sales@virtcompsys.com




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