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Servers are a critical part of your infrastructure where your hypervisor resides, containing the computing resources needed to run your business applications.

Servers have now become a "commodity" because a virtual infrastructure is not tied to a specific server. Therefore businesses can mix server manufacturers to have the best cost efficiency in the main datacenter and within the disaster recovery location. This is possible even if your business uses a "Co-Location" site. The benefits of controlling your data in-house are numerous, and we will provide specific reasons why most businesses prefer this model of server infrastructure.

Virtual Computing Systems, inc. provides a variety of server solutions tailored to your business objectives, including the re-deployment of existing hardware and software expenses.



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Servers for Virtualization

As server technology continues to change, more and more virtual machines can run efficiently on a physical server. The number of CPU cores per socket continues to increase and servers can now address more memory than even before.

Let us help you to determine which server best fits what you are trying to accomplish. Contact us at 815-634-3197 or email us at sales@virtcompsys.com



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